Our service offering is flexible, responding to the diverse needs of our customers. In particular, we serve the following areas:



  • Study of needs and requirements, functional and technical.

  • Planning measures and / or actions.

  • Implementing and deployment of measures.

  • Perform measurements of compliance.


Conceptual and Basic Engineering

  • Process engineering and simulations.

  • Specifications of materials, accessories and equipment.

  • Calculations of different disciplines.

  • Estimates of costs.

  • Risk Analysis (Qualitative and quantitative).

  • SIL of SIS.

  • Implementing Best Practices of engineering.


Detail Engineering

  • Civil works, roads, structures, piping, mechanical, etc.

  • Electricity (high, medium, low), automation and instrumentation.

  • Field Engineering.

  • Drawing and Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD).

  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

  • Perform uprisings “As Built” of facilities.  


Project Management

  • Management / engineering support, procurement and construction.

  • Planning implementation, costs and cash flow.

  • Progress control.

  • Contract Administration.

  • Quality control.

  • Security.


Work supervision

  • Supervision of construction, fabrication, assembly and testing.

  • Monitoring quality of materials, equipment, testing, manufacturing, etc.

  • Supervision of Safety and Environmental Hygiene phased implementation.

  • Technical and economic monitoring.


Procurement, Contracting, Biddings and Inspections

  • Assessment and technical, economic and financial qualification of utilities and contractors for execution.

  • Preparation of technical documentation, measurement and payment for the procurement of works and services forms.

  • Negotiating purchases of materials, equipment and works and services contracts.

  • Monitoring, inspection and transit of materials, accessories and equipment.

  • Preparation of cost estimates.


Technical Support Services

  • Recruitment.

  • Provision of professional, technical and operational specialized technicians.


Specialized technical assistance in manufacturing processes, engineering and construction monitoring. 

Our Offices

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Lecheria - Venezuela



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Lima - Peru


Santiago de Chile - Chile


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