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Ingeniería Cardón is an engineering consulting company founded in 1977 with the objective of offering Engineering and Technical Assistance Services across the broad-spectrum of activities required by the Hydrocarbon Industry.


In 1987 the company is registered in the Unified Registry of Contractors of Maraven S.A., precursor of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), obtaining shortly afterwards the qualification as a Multidisciplinary Engineering Consultant Company, by demonstrating the necessary experience in all areas of the industry.



By 2001, we obtained our first ISO 9001 certification after FONDONORMA performed an audit of our Quality Management System.


After achieving this significant milestone, the company drawn new targets for continuous improvement of all work processes, as a way to diversify and expand its operations while maintaining the reliability and quality of the services provided to our customers.


Over the years, Ingeniería Cardón has participated in numerous projects, accumulating more than  3.8 million man-hours in services rendered to the Hydrocarbon Industry and is currently certified under the ISO9001:2015 Standard, to offer: “Engineering and Technical Assistance Services for the Oil and Gas Industries”.


Ingeniería Cardón currently relies in a broadly experienced organizational structure and an advance technological platform for the Implementation, Monitoring, Management and Control of Engineering Projects and Technical Assistance services. At the core of the organization is a team of seasoned professionals and high profile technicians specialized in different disciplines, capable to attend the most diverse engineering projects in all their stages.


This team of professionals work as part of a customer-oriented organization, seeking to meet the needs of the customers and exceed their expectations. Gaining the confidence and loyalty of the customer is an objective present in all their actions. The company sees the personal and professional development of its employees as an essential factor towards improving the quality of its services and boost its competitiveness.


We are a truly independent and autonomous company, which allows us to establish a relationship with our clients based on trust and professional ethics.

As part of the market expansion propelled by the significant increase in the demand for energy products worldwide and considering the company is no longer dealing with government-owned oil companies in Venezuela since 2013, Ingenieria Cardon accelerated its foreign expansion plans. Today, the company is established in Peru, Chile, and Spain.

Our Offices

Punto Fijo - Venezuela

Lecheria - Venezuela



Madrid - Spain


Lima - Peru


Santiago de Chile - Chile



Bogotá - Colombia


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