Ingeniería Cardón, S.A. is a Consulting Company focused in providing Technical Assistance Services and for the Design and Development of Engineering Projects for the Oil and Gas Industries, in concordance with our Quality Management System, developed in compliance of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, as the way to reach the goals of the organization while considering the risks and opportunities of the context in which we develop our work.

Thru our Quality Policy, the company acquires the commitment to satisfy our Clients requirements, while complying with the applicable engineering regulations, as well as all the legal and normative requirements that rule our activities.

In consonance, this Organization reflects a culture of quality in all the tasks it performs, by means of an unwavering commitment towards the pursuit of the continuous improvement of our processes and the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

The Quality Management System of Ingeniería Cardón is designed to:

  • To provide our services in a timely and efficient manner, utilizing adequate and controlled work techniques, guaranteeing the client’s satisfaction.

  • To maintain a permanent communication with our Clients, to better know their needs and expectations. 

  • To provide highly qualified human talent, with the knowledge and experience required to perform their tasks.

Executive Director

(Dic. 11, 2017)

Our Offices

Punto Fijo - Venezuela

Lecheria - Venezuela



Madrid - Spain


Lima - Peru


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