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Throughout a long career as a multidisciplinary consulting engineering company, ICSA has worked with clients in Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Spain in a wide variety of projects, among which stand out:


  • Technical Assistance Services for Start of Crude Upgrader.


  • Major and Minor Clerical Services (Adaptation Project Cardon Refinery - PARC).


  • Coordination and Support Services activities for construction of facilities for the handling and processing of gas.

  • Adapting Quayside, Offices, Storage Areas in Astinave Base.


  • Industrial Technical School Improvement Shipyard, Carirubana- Estado Falcón.

  • Engineering and Technical Assistance.


  • Remodeling High Vacuum.


  • Support Services for the Organization and Telecommunications Network Update Amuay. 

  • Professional Support Services (NMA) for Major Projects Refining.

  • Technical Support Services Staff (NME) for Major Projects Organization.

  • Engineering Support Services (Management General Engineering - GIG - Amuay). 

  • Personnel Professional and Technical Group for Major Repairs Maintenance (Amuay).

  • Service Support Materials Organization Amuay.

  • Engineering Support Services Coordinator of Projects ACAY and IAC (Amuay) Group.


  • Engineering Support Services, Administrative and Technical Support for the PARC Project.


  • Engineering Services for the Advancement of Management MS-97, Phase 2-A (IDPL).

  • Professional Services Industrial Security.

  • Professional Services for Supervision in Electrical, Civil and Mechanical projects for computer facilities prlA.

  • Umbrella Contract Engineering Service.

  • Professional Services Planning.

  • Drawings/Plans Room digitalization. Cardón Refinery

  • Engineering Services for the Proposed Renewal of Industrial Services.

  • Engineering Services for the Superintendent of Field Engineering (IDPL).

  • Advisory Services Air Conditioning.

  • Professional Engineering Services for Project of the Superintendent of IDPL (Lagunillas).

  • Inspection Service Stationary Equipment.






  • Improved reliability of steam generation block 29 AMUAY refinery, oil recovery in underground Cardon and installing refrigeration units in CRP.

  • Civil works CPI increases storage capacity of liquid sulfur CRP - Refinery AMUAY.

  • Preparation of dossier to submit the ITF of EC-01-A Lot XIII Paita-Piura

  • Detail Engineering Services for Fire System Adequacy Batteries 01, 02, 03. According to DS 043-2007 in Block XIII-A Paita - Piura

  • Manuals Production Pipelines.

  • Service Technical Assistance Review of Engineering SEP-PRO SYSTEMS for the Tablazo Refinery.

  • Review of basic engineering and development of detailed engineering of Large-Tablazo Tank Farm project.

  • System Assessment and Compression of Fuel Gas Compression Station Lot XIII - A.

  • Conceptual Engineering, Basic - Gas Lift system production facilities.

  • Detail Engineering and Production Central Bank ITF Bocana LB-01-A Lot XIII Paita - Piura.


  • Conceptual service hydraulic engineering and analysis for increased fuel transfer capability via pipeline Selva Refinery


  • Technical Assistance Services for Supply Management and Gas Project - Internal Market (Support Service Pipeline Route from Barbacoa to Güiria 333 km of 36 ").

  • Engineering Supervision and Quality Assurance Project.

  • Management Support Anaco Gas Project.

  • Planning, Inspection and Project Management Disposition and Integration Camp Paraguana Refining Center (CRP).

  • Support Management and Construction Engineering Management Anaco (Package "A").

  • Technical Assistance Services for Major Refining Projects (Amuay).



  • Design works for the Reservoir Protection Palote. 

  • Design Aqueduct Beneficiation Plant, the Socialist Monagas Poultry Integral Complex. 

  • Design of Comprehensive Treatment Plant Poultry Complex.



  • Detailed Engineering for Facilities Connection Sphere Pentane in the Fractionation Plant and Dispatch Jose.


  • Industrial Design Clinic Building.

  • Detail Engineering Project OCEMI Pipe and Bench

  • Detail Engineering of South Bridges Road Runner 2 / Central Guaraguarita River and River Main Access Güiria "Industrial Complex Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho" - CIGMA Guiria, Sucre State

  • Basic Engineering Collection System, Storage and Raw Water Pumping From Cisterns 13 and 14 CIGMA Project

  • Detail Engineering and Plant Purification Treatment Plant Sewage - CIGMA Project

  • Detail Engineering Building Access Control - CIGMA Project.



  • Technical Assistance Services for support in the planning and execution stops.

  • Technical Assistance Services to Support the Implementation of ISO 9000 in Car Maintenance.

  • Professional Services for sampling and laboratory analysis.

  • Detail Engineering Decommissioning stations ORED-1 / PIAS-1 and PIAS-1 OREF-2

  • Detail Engineering for Adaptation of EAD and EAD-1 Stations 3 ACEMA area. The adequacy of systems and heater treaters treatment plants and upgrading of oil a further heat treater was performed.

  • Update Process Safety Information - ISP Area: Oritupano

  • Update Process Safety Information - ISP Area: ACEMA.



  • Detail Engineering Pipelines TPC-6 (6" by 6 km).

  • Detail Engineering to Installation System lightning protection in QE-1

  • Engineering Installation Details for Multi Port Valve in QM-10, QM-21 and TPC-6X.

  • Detail Engineering Plant Wastewater Treatment QE-1.


  • Crude Pipeline Corridor Diluted And Thinner for Early Production Petrourica SA.

  • Service Technical Assistance - Engineering Review and Support for Implementation and Control of Works Pertaining To The Assigned Projects In Engineering Management Petrourica.

  • Basic And Detail Engineering Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation of Macollas E3, E4, and E4 F2 Works.

  • SAT Hazard Studies (HAZID) and Review SCI QE-2.

  • Conceptual Engineering Reliability Improvement of Electric Power Supply Field Quiriquire. Update Remote Transmission Units.

  • Completion of Engineering for Facilities Adequacy QQGAS for Regime Change to Medium Pressure. 

  • ID Segregation of Current Gas Quiriquire Petroquiriquire and QE-2 (Pipeline Includes a 12 "x 3.5 km). 

  • SAT Planning and Inspection Stop Plant QE-2 PHASE 2.


  • SAT Hazard Studies (HAZID) and Review SCI QE-2.

  • Conceptual Engineering Reliability Improvement of Electric Power Supply Field Quiriquire. Update Remote Transmission Units.

  • Completion of Engineering for Facilities Adequacy QQGAS for Regime Change to Medium Pressure. 

  • ID Segregation of Current Gas Quiriquire Petroquiriquire and QE-2 (Pipeline Includes a 12 "x 3.5 km). 

  • SAT Planning and Inspection Stop Plant QE-2 PHASE 2.



  • Service Support and Engineering Support.



  • Service Support and Engineering Support.


  • Firefighting and Medical Services for DEEP Jusepin.


  • Service Support and Engineering Support.


  • Professional Engineering Services for Membrane project.

  • Basic Engineering Compression Stations and Electrical Networks Etanco Project Phase II - Lot X (Phase A).

  • Engineering for Project Development Surface Facilities Petrobras Energia Peru, sa Lot X - Petrobras 2009 Framework Agreement.

  • Conceptual Engineering Project Funding and Seawater Treatment for Secondary Recovery Central Lot X

  • Comprehensive Assessment Collection System, Compression, Distribution and Marketing of Gas in Block X.

  • Viewing Etaneste / Etansur Projects.

  • PTC Basic Engineering Improvements - Phase 2

  • Modernization and Automation Plant PTC Carrizo Oil Treatment

  • Basic Engineering Project Etanco Lot X (Peru): Plants Compressors ETA-28, ALS-06, ATS-27 and ACE-20, Water Injection Plants and Zapotal Carrizo, Central Electricity Generating High Talara, Electrical Distribution System Lot X.

  • Engineering Conceptual Project Review Etanco Lot X (Peru)

  • Project Feasibility and Conceptual Engineering Etanco Lot x (Peru)

  • Basic Engineering Gas Storage Project and Gas Compression non Associate (Peru)

  • Development of HAZOP study NPXB pipelines between platforms and RC1.

  • Service engineering for technical specification type ball valves, plug, check, needle.

  • Service development plans grounding accommodation barge.

  • Service development of technical specifications for procurement of pipes.

  • Decision support use of pig valves in duct cleaning.

  • Development of instructional design to transport gas onshore and offshore operations.

  • Detailed engineering of accommodations barge lay barge, derrick barge, pipe laying barge, barge welltesting.

Framework contract for technical assistance in engineering development for the following projects:


  • Shah Gas Gathering Project.

  • CARDON IV-PERLA Project. 

  • GALP - Sines Refinery Project.

  • MANIFA COGEN Central Processing Facility (CPF) Project.

  • Khabarovsk Refinery Hydroprocessing Expansion Project. 

  • ELEFSIS Refinery Ugrade Project (Greece).

  • TR Plantas Industriales.

  • JUBAIL Export Refinery Project. 

  • SAUDI KAYAN Phenol Plant Project.

  • HELLERIC Petroleum Elefsis Refinery Upgrade Project.

  • Hellenic Petroleum S.A. (HELPE) - Elefsina Refinery Upgrade Project

  • YAMBU Export Refinery Project. 

  • Proyecto de Modernización de la Refineria de Talara (PETROPERU)

  • Tüpras-Proyecto de modernización de la Refinería de Izmit (Residue Upgrading Project - RUP).

  • Reconversao Refinery SINES Portugal. 

  • New Crude Destilation Unit (CDU) 4 - SAMIR Refinery (Morocco).

  • FEED services for a Nitric Acid and Ammonium Nitrate Plant (Egipt).

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